Crossheads for Single Extrusion

Crossheads for the processing of a single layer by means of designs with fixed centering, manual centering or fixed and manual centering. A single extruder supplies the compound to the crosshead able to supply a precise and highly concentric insulation with this durable designed head.

SC: Single Layer Crossheads

  • Highly durable and abrasion resistant steel alloy
  • Torpedo style distribution cartridge
  • Quick 3 step tool changes
  • Even temperature control
  • Units for insulation OD up to 120 mm (4.75")
  • Fixed (S) & manual (MC) centering models
SC: Single Layer Crossheads
SC: Single Layer Crossheads

Fixed Center Crossheads

  • Immediate precise start-up
  • No set-up required
  • Immediate concentric insulation
  • No operator set-up required
  • Reduced scrap

Chart - Crossheads for Single Extrusion