PlasmaCLEANER is a plasma treatment machine designed for surface cleaning or deoxidation on ferrous and non-ferrous wires, tubes or strip. PlasmaCLEANER is a cost effective alternative to acid cleaning. Unlike acid pickling, plasma treatment does not lead to surface erosion or loss of base material. PlasmaCLEANER can be set to increase micro roughness, which improves adhesion of the coating for plating applications. PlasmaCLEANER

PlasmaCLEANER Applications :

  • Surface cleaning and preheating of copper alloy wire prior to extrusion / cladding
  • Acid-free removal of wax protection coating
  • Super conductor surface cleaning at temperatures between 200C - 400C

PlasmaCLEANER Benefits :

When compared to the traditional process of acid cleaning, PlasmaCLEANER offers the following benefits:
  • Outstanding surface cleanliness
  • Effective alternative to pickling, chemical cleaning or electrochemical polishing
  • No loss of base material, unlike acid pickling
  • Small and compact unit: length 1m 7m, subject to application
  • Can be installed in-line with drawing, plating, cladding or extrusion machine
  • Can be used for degreasing and pre-heating when used inline with extrusion or cladding
  • Improved adhesion of extruded coating through clean surface and surface activation
  • Low operations and maintenance costs

Line Configuration Examples :

  • Inline with drawing or extrusion
  • Inline with Cladding