Rotating Die Holders Rotating Die Box

Rotating die holders are a very easy way to increase productivity and reduce die wear on wire drawing lines. The rotating die holder itself is continuously being cooled by means of re-circulating water around the die seating surface as the die rotates around the wire during the wire drawing operation. Lubrication boxes are also provided to hold dry or liquid lubricants.

The Advantages over Stationary Die Units are :

  • Rotating die holder improves wire drawing efficiency
  • Longer die life - slower & even die wear
  • Less wire breaks - cooler drawing temperatures
  • Less maintenance down-time
  • Eliminates oval die wear higher wire tolerance
  • Reduce drawing temperatures
  • Improved lubrication of wire
  • Improved Wire finish - Less wire scarring
  • Faster line speeds
Rotating Die Units

Rotating Die Holder

  • Manufactured according to production requirements
  • Motorized or with roller pulley rotation
  • Available in fast or slow rotation
  • Able to house 1 or 2 dies for a pressure die system
  • Models to accommodate variety of die sizes
  • Various sizes of lubricating boxes
  • Liquid emulsion lubricant lube boxes
Rotating Die Units

Standard Die Holder Model-Sizes

  • FA10: 1.5" up to 2" die OD
  • FA63: Up to 2.5" die OD
  • FA100: Up to 3.5" die OD
  • FA10-M/P: For liquid lubricants
  • FA10-M2F: Rotating + immersed die
Rotating Die Units

Special Indirect Cooling

  • Die is indirectly cooled through a special re-circulating mechanism
  • System avoids maintenance issues with leaky gaskets
  • Avoids possibility of seizing the rotating mechanism due to leaks
Rotating Die Units

Polished Wire Finish Unit

  • Special unit with immersed die holder
  • Double drawing pass in 1 unit
  • Grease or oil filled lubrication box
  • Finished wire exits shiny and polished
  • Ideal for nail & fastener manufacturing
Rotating Die Units